My Set Time of Favor Has Come

IMPACT 2011 Strong Tower Parish Annual Convention – Day 4
Sermon by: Pastor ‘Leke Sanusi
Sermon date: October 5, 2011
Sermon synopsis

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Primary text: Psalm 102:13

“Thou shalt arise, and have mercy upon Zion: for the time to favour her, yea, the set time, is come.”

Favor has intangible essence yet it is very real. Favor gets accomplished in a millisecond what talent, labor and ability may never attain. It’s a spiritual blessing you have or lack. I submit that it’s hazardous to not walk in favor because life without favor amounts to one of labor. Have you thought about what it would mean if you had to work and/or compete for everything you have and will have? What a miserable life that’d be! That should make you understand the necessity of favor.

If we know anything about life, it’s that life gives what we demand hardly ever what we deserve. Thankfully favor bridges that gap and makes one get what one deserves and even more.

This reminds me about the case of a brother who had graduated college but had remained unemployed for several years. Pressed to the wall, he made a desperate bid to seek the face of the Lord for 7 days at the Redemption Camp near Lagos, Nigeria. He fasted and prayed ceaselessly. At the end of the wait, he decided to visit an old friend who lived in Abuja, Nigeria. After exiting the plane he went to go pick up his checked bag. For some reason, his bag was nowhere in sight. Further checks with the air line staff turned unproductive. He became agitated. It was in the middle of this that a new flight landed. Passengers disembarked and made for their exits. One of the passengers was the military administrator of Ondo state- he was friends with the disconcerted brother in elementary school. As the administrator walked by he recognized the brother and introduced himself. The unemployed brother was more than flattered and overcome with emotion. That encounter proved transformative for the unemployed. Let’s just say he got made! When it’s your time to be favored, God organizes situation to make it happen regardless of how impossible they might have seemed. In Esther 6, when it was Mordecai’s set time for favor guess what God make happen? He made king Ahasuerus sleepless until he favored Mordecai!

What characterizes the set time of your favor?

  1. When God remembers one (Psalm 106:4)
  2. When He compels those who have forgotten one to remember (Genesis 40:23; 41:9)
  3. The time God remembers and keeps His covenants & promises (Exodus 2:24-25)
  4. The time of visitation Genesis 21:1; 1 Samuel 2:21)
  5. When God fights one’s battles & gives effortless victory
  6. When God sends supernatural help
  7. When God grants glorification instead of disqualification (Esther)

What to do to provoke favor?

  1. Surrender to Jesus and be saved
  2. Obey God’s instruction like Peter in Luke 5, even if you think it makes no sense
  3. If God demands your all, give it
  4. Pray for favor (Psalm 102:17) because he’ll hear you
  5. Take radical steps of faith
  6. Holy life (Hebrews 1:9; Psalm 5:12)