Anointing for Divine Elevation

Anointing for Divine Elevation by Pastor Sola Olowokere Mar 28, 2010. Watch photo album of the service

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Prophecies are words that proceed out of the mouth of God (Matthew 4:4). And as Believers, we cannot afford to live without prophecy or without a Word from God’s mouth. This is because prophecy stirs expectation in the hearer or the concerned. Conversely, the absence of prophecy leads to zero expectation. See why a Believer couldn’t afford to live without prophecy?

Thankfully God has not refrained from releasing His Word to us every month. The reason He has told us “April is Our Month of Divine Elevation.”

It’s great that we know what April’s prophecy is, but it gets even greater when the results of the prophecy are manifest in our lives; when we can boldly say at the end of April that it has indeed been our month of elevation. How can this manifestation occur? You need to believe (2 Chronicles 20: 20; Luke 1:45). You can’t receive from God much more than you can believe Him for.

Let’s take a look at some definitions of Elevation.
Elevation means to attain a higher height; or to go from one level to another. It also means to ascend to a higher altitude, or to rise above one’s last location or position. Finally, elevation means to experience increase.

Just in case you are still wondering what Divine Elevation looks like, David’s story in 1 Samuel 16: 1-16 gives a good account: God had finally decided to terminate King Saul’s reign and to give his throne to one of Jesse’s children. He therefore instructed Prophet Samuel to go to Jesse’s house that once the prophet was at Jesse’s He would tell Samuel who among the children would get elevated. Prophet Samuel went as instructed but almost anointed the wrong person as Jesse paraded his children from the oldest to the youngest but one.

Thankfully God intervened and ensured David, the only child who wasn’t home when Samuel visited but God’s choice for elevation, was rightly anointed as king. David was seemingly doubly unqualified: Not only was he the youngest, he was just a shepherd. Yet he was the one God chose to become king after Saul.

The good thing about this story is that although only David was elevated, every member of his family was promoted. Why is that? Before David was anointed, Jesse was just Jesse, and David’s brothers were just that. But after the anointing, Jesse became “father of the king”, and the brothers, “brothers of the king.” Elevation brings promotion to those around you or those related to you.

And the truth is God chooses to elevate whomever He desires. If not for that, God should have chosen Eliab, the eldest, or any of David’s other brothers since, from the story, nothing about the elevation could be traced to David’s efforts. God just decided to make him king.

My prayer is that as you go this week, in April, and indeed for the rest of your days, God will find you fit for elevation in the name of Jesus. The belief you need to make the elevation happen may God’s grace make that abound to you.